I founded this business in mid 2017 after not being able to find a bespoke/customised card for my niece (who, incidentally, I refer to as Niece-Pig, don’t ask!). So I thought why not design one myself!  A few designs later, Funny AF Cards was born and I was hooked!

It’s gone from strength to strength since, and what’s more, I LOVE running it. The best part is creating designs that I know will make the recipient smile, laugh, crack up, blush, swear, wet themselves (whatever’s the desired outcome, I aim to please).

Anyway I could go on all day about the business (ask the friends and family, they’ll corroborate!), but I just wanted to say thanks for visiting, hope you find a suitable card, and if not, feel free to drop me an email (naomi@funnyafcards.co.uk) or visit my page on Facebook and I’d be more than happy to help create the exact design you want.


Naomi @ Funny AF Cards